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Miles Rhoades

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Season 5 Intern

My name is Miles Rhoades and I am a senior at NAU studying photography and arts and cultural management. Born in Boulder, Colorado, I have since bounced around my home state, as well as California and Arizona. After being gifted my father’s old camera in high school, I discovered an ever-intensifying passion for photography. This ultimately led me to the home of my cousin (twice removed) whose father was a fine art photographer in the Pacific Northwest named Max Allara. I spent a summer in Portland, Oregon with my cousin helping to catalog and donate Max’s work to the Portland art museum. All the while being surrounded by immaculate examples of work by and of some of America’s most fascinating and influential photographers of the 20th century. All of this has instilled in me an appreciation not just for art or photography, but for the artists of any medium which give themselves to their work fully and without anxiety, pursuing not only technical mastery, but a continuous expansion of their creativity. Now I’m excited to say I have been given the opportunity to work with and meet more of these artists through The Interference Series and their programming this season, I look forward to seeing you there!

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